The Fast Show stars reunite for new online series

The cast of hit comedy The Fast Show have reunited to film a new series.

John Thomson slipped back into character as laid-back Jazz Club host Louis Balfour when filming started on Wednesday.

The sketch show, famous for its quickfire catchphrases, made household names of its stars who played characters including the ‘suits you’ tailors, car dealer Swiss Toni and nostalgic football commentator Ron Manager.

Its creators Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson said: “We are delighted to bring back The Fast Show not only for our old fans but also, we hope, for a whole generation of new ones.

“We’ll be bringing back all our most popular characters from the show and we’ve managed to get the majority of the team back together, including Caroline Aherne.”

The new episodes of the show, which was originally a hit on the BBC, will be available online at

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