The Foxes love Billie Piper, says Emilia

Billie Piper has been welcomed into the celebrated acting dynasty of her husband Laurence Fox, her new relative Emilia Fox has revealed.

Laurence’s cousin Emilia, 33, who stars in Silent Witness, gushed about Billie at a recent fashion party at London’s Harvey Nichols, reports the Daily Express.

She said: “It’s very lovely. We are all so thrilled to have her. We all love her and Laurence looks happier than I’ve ever, ever seen him before.”

And Emilia said Billie should have no qualms about being a member of the distinguished family.

“She has no need to worry about joining the Fox family – we are an easy-going, fun family. We never compete with each other.

“It would be strange for any of us in the family to have rivalries between us. We are always thrilled for each other’s success,” she added.

Billie and Laurence met as co-stars in the West End play Treats and married on New Year’s Eve.

Laurence’s dad is actor James Fox. His uncles are the actors Edward Fox (Emilia’s father) and Daniel Chatto and the producer Robert Fox.

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