The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury has a robot stand-in at home

The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury has found an ingenious way of playing with his kids when his work takes him miles from home.

The tech savvy TV presenter uses a robot, which he can control via his laptop, to play hide and seek with his three children.

“When we were filming The Gadget Show, I used a telepresence robot, which is a Segway with an iPad for a face,” says Jason, 45. “I contact it via my laptop and drive it around the house. I have actually played hide and seek with the kids when I’m away, staying in a hotel.”

Jason with his kids Jackson and Marnie in 2011 (David Jensen/EMPICS)Jason with his kids Jackson and Marnie in 2011 (David Jensen/Empics)

But the gaming enthusiast admits he is still not cool enough in the eyes of his kids.

He said: “They still end up knowing more, because they are actually digital natives. Whereas I lived at a time in our history where there were no computers, in terms of consumer tech.

“They don’t have the same reverence for technology that I have. They don’t care. Technology is just a window for what they do.”

The Gadget Show is back on Channel 5, Monday at 7.00pm.