The Great Fire stars on the perils of period costume: ‘I struggled with my girdle!’ (VIDEO)

The Great Fire stars Daniel Mays and Perdita Weeks have made clear their contempt for dressing in the 17th-Century period costumes they wear playing husband and wife Samuel and Elizabeth Pepys.

The actors star in the ITV series premiering tonight at 9pm, and Daniel told What’s on TV about the challenges of their costumes: “Loads of things are quite strange, like the fact you didn’t have pockets, which forces you to stand in a different way and walk in a different way. It was quite a challenge to wear that periwig on screen because in the first couple of shots I don’t think they could see my face, so it was a question of the DOP shouting out ‘Danny, just angle your face a little more round to camera’.”

Perdita continued: “The scene where you had to get dressed incredibly quickly was really funny to watch. It was amazing though that you did it… The scene had to be a quite a pace because it was running late and there were umpteen bits of things that had to be putting on…”

Daniel interjected: “Yeah, it’s not trainers and jeans… Stockings, garters, waistcoats, undershrts…”

Perdita added: “…and the wig goes on with a flick and some very tricky dialogue. It was very impressive.”

Watch the interview with The Great Fire stars Daniel Mays and Perdita Weeks, above.


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