The Hamster laughs off second crash

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond has dismissed his second crash as ‘a bit of a collision’.

The presenter, who was nearly killed in a 288mph crash less than a year ago, was involved in another incident while filming.

The 38-year-old skidded off the track while taking part in a 24-hour Le Mans-style race at Silverstone, but then rejoined the race.

But Richard said: “Reports of my shunt this weekend have been greatly exaggerated.

“We were competing in a 24-hour race at Silverstone in a BMW. During one of my driving stints, a much faster car tried to overtake and there was a bit of a collision.

“It was nobody’s fault – it was what they call a ‘racing incident’. I managed to limp the car to the side of the track and wait for a truck to take me back to the pits, where it was quickly fixed.”

He added: “Most importantly, no, Jeremy and I did not enjoy a ‘comforting’ hug.

“I would rather be hugged by a threshing machine and he would rather hug a chainsaw. He called me a twat for crashing and I told him his race suit made him look like a hot air balloon and we got back to the race.”

A BBC spokesman said: “The three presenters and The Stig were racing a car… at Silverstone over the weekend. During the race, at night, Richard was driving and another car shunted him off the track.

“Richard wasn’t hurt at all, but the car was damaged.”

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