Top Gear‘s Richard Hammond is to host his first TV show for children, in which he carries out wacky science experiments.

Richard, known for his wacky stunts on the BBC Two motoring show and Sky 1’s Brainiac: Science Abuse, will head up Blast Lab on CBBC.

Situated in a fictitious underground laboratory, each show will focus on a different scientific theme as the daring presenter invites two groups of three friends to take part in his ‘crazy experiments’, accompanied by a 70-year-old security guard called Ninja Nan.

Blast Lab is one of the upcoming highlights of BBC programmes for youngsters in the broadcaster’s winter/spring season.

CBBC will also examine child homelessness and runaways in a short season of programmes providing a window into the world of the 130,000 UK children who have no place to call home.

Runaway is a three-part drama from award-winning writer/director Paul Wilmshurst, whose previous credits include Trial And Retribution, while Sofa Surfers (street slang for homeless children) tells five stories of child poverty.

Also on the channel, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) will return for a third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures in Autumn 2009, produced by Doctor Who supremo Russell T Davies.