The Harry Hill Movie | Film review – Pure featherbrained nonsense from surreal telly comedian


Stuffed full of goofy gags and gimmicks, The Harry Hill Movie, the TV comedian’s first feature film, is every bit as silly and surreal as you would imagine.

The plot is pure featherbrained nonsense. Harry is tricked into believing that his beloved pet hamster Abu (voiced by Johnny Vegas) has one week to live and sets off with his dotty Nan (Julie Walters) for a rousing road trip to Blackpool  – but it is all a ploy by Harry’s long-lost evil twin brother Otto (Matt Lucas) who is still smarting at being raised by a family Alsatians near Kettering.

Viewers who don’t care for Hill’s brand of wacky madness probably won’t make it past the opening mobility-scooter race or the gun-toting chickens, but even fans will have to admit that the story runs out of gas long before the Blackpool Tower looms into view.  Look out, though, for The Inbetweeners’ Simon Bird, as Otto’s chief henchman; Jim Broadbent, in drag as the cleaning lady in a nuclear power station; and Sheridan Smith as the seashell-woman with whom Harry falls in love.


Certificate PG. Runtime 88 mins. Director Steve Bendelack.

Released on Blu-ray and DVD by Entertainment in Video.

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