David Hasselhoff surveys his remarkable career, his very public reinventions, so many TV series it’s hard to keep track of them and his battle with alcoholism, and says his ‘troubles are so small compared to this amazing life I’ve had’.

The global star talked to What’s on TV about his new comic documentary series, Hoff the Record, and said: “Everyone has personal situations, that don’t get publicised… It’s like Justin Bieber is a friend of mine. I said, ‘My God leave the guy alone, if they publicised what we were doing in our 20s we’d be in jail!”

He continued: “It’s almost like playing cards. You’re dealt certain cards, you’ve got to pay those cards. If you’re dealt an Ace, wow, you’ve got a great TV series. When I was dealt Knight Rider people were making fun of it – it’s a talking car… I knew I had an Ace, but no one else thought I had an Ace. I got dealt Baywatch and the whole world made fun of it!”

The Hoff spilled his secrets on maintaining his career.

“The secret for me, the key to longevity is to try to remain current with the kids, so every year you’ll see me at the European Music Awards or MTV Awards doing something stupid and kids go ‘There’s the Hoff!’ and they start chanting and I think, this is great because… I’m not a teenager.”

Hoff the Record (premieres on Dave, Thursday, June 18) is a semi-improvised comedy series on which he comes to London to make a biopic of his life, but when he gets there he realises he has to audition to play himself and there are seven different Michael Knights in the room.

Things get really unhinged when he finds a German named Dieter in his dressing room, who tells him he’s his son and was conceived on the night Hasselhoff famously performed on the Berlin Wall just after it came down in 1989.

Later this year, the Hoff is starring in a new musical, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, the story of a faded DJ who was big in Ibiza in the 1980s, but whose life and family has become a mess. The musical will be on tour in the UK from October. Find more details here.