The Hole

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The Hole

Every time this film shows on TV it’s introduced as “The Hole starring Keira Knightley.”

I can’t tell you how much this annoys me. Thora Birch is the star of this chilling thriller and she’s brilliant in it. Keira, on the other hand, plays a shallow slip of a girl who doesn’t do much other than moan, throw up and die quite early on.

Keira Knightley

It’ll be interesting to see if they repeat this insult to Thora on E4 tonight.

Thora Birch, Keira Knightley

Poor Thora. She’s also the star of Ghost World and American Beauty, but according to those annoying TV voiceovers the former is Scarlett Johansson‘s movie and the latter film belongs to Mena Suvari.

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