The Inbetweeners: Sequel ‘is a great way of saying goodbye’

Stars of The Inbetweeners said they were probably ‘saying goodbye’ to their on-screen alter egos as they attended the premiere of the comedy’s second film.

Simon Bird, James Buckley, Joe Thomas and Blake Harrison graduated from the small screen suburbia of the TV show to film success in 2011 with The Inbetweeners Movie, and are now hoping for sequel success with The Inbetweeners 2.

But the lads said fans would be unlikely to see a trilogy of films as they expect to call it a day.

Simon, 29, who plays Will, said: “Once you see the film you’ll see it feels like they’ve all moved on with their lives, so unfortunately this is it. It’s a great way of saying goodbye.”

Joe, 30, who plays Simon, said: “We’ve had a great time making this film, but it can’t keep going forever. This is probably it, but it’s a nice way to go.”

The Channel 4 sitcom followed Will, Jay, Simon and Neil through the trials of life outside of the high school popular crowd and their first film sent them to Malia on a post-exam boozy break.

In the sequel, the group of mates head Down Under for a gap year trip to Australia, where they might be a little bit older, but are still not much wiser and find themselves entangled in the usual humiliating incidents.

The actors said there had been plenty of embarrassing real life moments on set too.

Blake, 29, who plays Neil, said: “They would throw my bag away just before ‘action’ so I would get in trouble, James (Buckley) would fart just as ‘action’ was being said…”

Joe agreed: “That was a real skill.”

Blake added: “Me and Joe did a meat eating challenge where we were quite sick afterwards.”

Joe added: “It was a horrible experience in every way, in every bodily way it was horrible. But mentally it was very nourishing.”

Despite The Inbetweeners having apparently drawn to a close, all four said they would be keen to work together again.

Joe said: “It’s kind of a bit like coming home working with these guys.

“I think just for sheer lack of professionalism on set nothing ever quite compares to The Inbetweeners.

“We can’t get away with the way we like to behave on other shows because there’s proper actors on them and they learn their lines, they’re professionals. It’s quite boring to be honest.”

James, 26, who plays Jay, agreed: “I’d jump at the chance if it came up to do something else in a different capacity. These are my favourite guys in the world.”

Also on the red carpet were Inbetweeners creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, who wrote and directed The Inbetweeners 2. It is the first film they have directed.

Show stars Greg Davies and Martin Tredegar and the film’s female lead Emily Berrington were also there.

The Inbetweeners 2 opens in cinemas nationwide today.



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