MTV has won the right to develop their own version of E4’s hit comedy series The Inbetweeners after winning a bidding war between the major US networks.

According to The Sun, MTV will be remaking The Inbetweeners and placing the main characters in a US high school instead of a suburban sixth form.

MTV spokesman David Janollari said: “The Inbetweeners is unique, bold and simply hilarious. It will resonate immensely with our viewers.”

Brad Copeland, who penned Arrested Development and My Name Is Earl, has been asked to oversee the remake.

The Inbetweeners writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris were flown to the Los Angeles to work on a US pilot for ABC two years ago, but it didn’t come off. This time, they’re leaving the remake to the Americans.

Series three of award-winning comedy The Inbetweeners continues on Monday nights at 10pm on E4.