The Jump host Davina McCall: ‘I cried just doing a piece to camera at the top of the ski jump!’

Davina McCall will be welcoming a group of new celebrities to the slopes of Innsbruck, Austria on Sunday as the second series of Channel 4’s daredevil winter sports show The Jump begins…

We caught up with her to ask how Channel 4 persuaded the celebrities to compete after all of last year’s injuries, what she thinks of Heather Mills and having breakfast with Joey Essex!

It’s a great line-up..

“Oh my god it’s amazing isn’t it!

Lots of people will be interested to see how Heather Mills does – how is she getting on during training?
From what I’ve heard Heather Mills has been really lovely and it will be interesting to see if we can get that across on the TV. She’s had such a tough time in the press and doing this show could be really good for her…

How do you think the viewers will take to her?

“I think the British public are quite amazing and they’ll take her as they find her. I don’t know her personally and I’m going to do the same thing, I’m just going to take her as I find her. I’m going to try and do that with everyone!”

Who else are you looking forward to meeting?

“Steve-O from Jackass and Joey Essex, I’m staying at their hotel! I asked if I could stay at their hotel this time because I want to be there for breakfast. Can you imagine breakfast with Steve-O and Joey Essex? But the whole line-up is so good, I just can’t wait to meet all of them to be honest.”

Have you met Joey Essex before?

“Yes he’s been on the Million Pound Drop and he doesn’t disappoint. I love him because he’s so Joey Essex. It’s almost ‘a thing’ to be like him and he’s almost become a parody of himself. He has teeth whiter than snow! It really is a beautiful thing and with the tan and the clothes and everything… Plus I think he’ll be cracking out some amazing ski wear!”

Are you excited about staying in the same hotel as the competitors?

“Very. We were having parties last year – but they were crew parties – this time I’m staying at the contestants’ hotel because I want to know what’s happening. I felt very out of the loop last time and this time I’ll be there with binoculars, watching and seeing who’s doing what… to who!”

Athletes like Mike Tindall and John Alan Butterworth will be among the favourites to take the Cowbell Trophy, but who’s your dark horse for the title?

“People can underestimate Stacey Soloman because of the way she talks sometimes, but she’s extremely intelligent and I think she could be in with a real chance. She’s not an athlete, she’s a young mum, but she’s so sweet isn’t she? I bet she does quite well.”

What about Dom from Gogglebox?

“I think he’ll be great fun in the bar afterwards, he’ll be so funny. Maybe his wife Steph will be coming out to join us? I love those two…”

There were quite a few injuries last year and we’ve already seen a few more this year, including Dom! Did you have a tough time persuading the celebrities to sign up?

“They all really wanted to do it, which is the lovely thing. This is one of these programmes that you want to do because you just think ‘this is amazing, when am I ever going to get the chance to do a ski jump!'”

Would you like to have a go at the ski jump?

“I’m so scared of heights so there’s no chance. I cried just doing a piece to camera from the top of the jump. It’s so high and it doesn’t look high enough on camera! The film crew are so mean, they make me go up there and make me do it anyway!”

The Jump starts on Channel 4 on Sunday, February 1