The Jump host Davina McCall: ‘I hope the celebs are insured up to their eyeballs!’

Davina McCall discusses The Jump (Channel 4, every day Sun-Mon) – a dangerous new winter sports reality show, where 12 celebrities risk life and limb on the slopes around Innsbruck…

What can you tell us about The Jump?

“It’s full on and frightening! Throughout the day our 12 celebrity contestants are timed doing different disciplines, including Bobsleigh, Speed Skating and Skeleton. At the end of the day there’s the ski-jump for the bottom two – which is really scary to watch, so I can’t imagine what it will be like to do. There are no phone-ins or popularity contests; this is strictly about how good you are at events. The 12 competitors are really putting their lives in danger.”

Would you consider taking part if you weren’t co-hosting the programme with Alex Brooker?
“Absolutely not! They’re so brave. On high-speed disciplines like the Skeleton or Bobsleigh you can’t slow down or you’ll fall off the slope. It’s counter-intuitive to your natural instincts. Hats off, everyone’s really brave for taking part. I hope they’re insured up to the eyeballs!”

How do you think the celebrity contestants will fare?
“I expect Sir Steve Redgrave will have the eye of a tiger. He’s an Olympian, and they have a different mindset. Cricketer Darren Gough will also have that thing sports’ people have, where they go the extra mile. Comedian Marcus Brigstocke, he’s very funny, but he’s going to have to focus. We’ve also got TOWIE’s Amy Childs. I know of her, but I don’t know her, so I’m really interested to see what she’s going to bring.

“Kimberly Wyatt (former Pussycat Doll) is my friend and I know she’s fantastically focused. When she sets her mind to something, she’s 100 per cent dedicated. We’ve also got Sinitta, ‘It’ boy Henry Conway, Melissa Messenger and Anthea Turner, who I think has the eye of the tiger. She’s very focused and determined.”

In terms of presenting live television is this up there with Big Brother for you?

“Obviously it’s a completely different programme, but it’s great fun. I like the idea of us all being away together and having a bit of a laugh – it’s slightly ‘jolly hockey sticks’. I love the immediacy of live television. I get very annoyed with myself if I make a mistake, but I like the fact you can make a mistake and it’s gone.”

Why do you think The Jump will make good television?

“It’s perfect put-your-onesie-on-and-settle-down telly. You can watch other people working out really hard, when you’ve probably made a New Year’s Resolution to work out, but perhaps haven’t! Set against the dramatic backdrop of Innsbruck it’s scary to watch. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!”