The Maid’s Room | Film review – There’s tension between haves and have-nots in the Hamptons


When a young Colombian immigrant Drina (Paula Garcés) goes to work as a live-in housekeeper at a wealthy American family’s lavish weekend home in the Hamptons, the yawning gulf between haves and have-nots is blatantly stark. But issues of truth and justice come into play, as well as class, after she witnesses something the family would rather keep hidden.

Psychological thriller The Maid’s Room effectively builds a mood of slow-burn suspense in its first half but becomes rather overwrought later on. The acting by Garcés and co-stars Bill Camp and Annabella Sciorra (as the well-heeled, condescending employers) remains impressive throughout.

Unrated. Runtime 98 mins. Director Michael Walker

The Maid’s Room is showing today on Sky Movies Premiere and is available from Amazon Video. 

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