A collection of past MasterChef winners and finalists are operating their own pop-up restaurant in London and say the experience is easier, because of the absence of hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace!

MasterChef 2014 finalist Luke Owen told What’s on TV: “I remember when we were doing the challenges [on TV], any challenge when John and Gregg aren’t there is easier. It’s quite nice not to have the cameras in your face [in the restaurant], although there are people taking pictures from the sideline, but you don’t really see them to be honest, because you’re concentrating so much on getting it right and getting the food out how you want it to be.

“It’s a bit different, but just as stressful.”

MasterChef champion Ping Coombes said: “We have the cubby holes there, so that people can actually see us working, they can look in and most of the time when I look up there’ll be a few people [waving] like that and taking pictures and stuff like that. It’s like I have a million John and Greggs, but with less of the criticism.”

Watch the interview with the MasterChef stars, above.