the film, but it tells me very little about its plot.

However, there was such a fuss when this film came out that I made an effort to see it back then… and fell asleep half an hour in.

OK, I’m not an action, sci-fi fan so a combination of dark photography, fast-paced effects, gunfights and such like drive me into my own thoughts of what to have for dinner; should I try and grow potatoes in the garden this year; or when did I last clean the cats’ litter tray. With my mind wandering like this, any complex science fiction plot is doomed to confuse me rather than intrigue me and there we go, I’m dropping off, and when I wake up, I’m the only one in the world who doesn’t think this film is amazing.

However, I must give the film its credit for being the title that truly brought the DVD format into the public eye back in 1999. Thanks to The Matrix, consumers began to turn their back on video and the age of DVD was born.

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