The Mother and sexy sirens over 60

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Daniel Craig, Ann Reid

James Bond gets it on with Jean from Dinnerladies. It’s hardly a casting director’s dream, but this film shows that great acting can knock the socks off even the most hotly anticipated cinematic pairings (a la Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli!)

Anne Reid is certainly believable as a sexy older woman enjoying the attention of a younger man (Daniel Craig), even if it is her daughter’s boyfriend. I understand that some may balk at the idea of a May – December romance between a younger man and older woman, but this list of sexy sirens over the age of 60 may make you change your mind:

10. This beauty’s fonda way to retain her good looks

9. One way or another this sensational singer is hanging on to her sex appeal

8. Not sexy? Are you taking the Bisset?

7. Do you believe in glamour after 60?

6. From The Colby’s the Corrie, this British beauty has never failed to radiate style and glamour.

5. Over 60 and still absolutely fabulous.

4. This gorgeous woman is the queen of the British beauties.

3. Perhaps the time warp helped this stunning actress beat the ageing process?

2. This sexy sheila looks even better now than she did 30 years ago.

1. Living up to her youthful name, this southern gal’s looks never fade.

Do you agree with my Top Ten,  or disagree? Do please share your thoughts.

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