The Only Way is South Wales?

A former Navy sailor turned glamour model, a kick-boxer, an aspiring rapper and a gay rugby player are among the stars of new Welsh reality show The Valleys.

After TV viewers have been treated to the ins and outs of life in Essex, Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle, this new MTV show from the makers of the outrageous Geordie Shore follows nine young people trying to live out their dreams amid the green green grass of South Wales.

Ex-bouncer AK, 31, ditched the Navy for glamour modelling. She has been teamed up with nightclub promoter Jordon as The Valleys bosses, putting the team through their paces as they all live together in one house and try to make it in the bright lights of Cardiff.

The wannabes, who left behind their remote homes for city life include Natalee, a 23-year-old call centre supervisor from Pontypool, who dreams of becoming a model and has nicknamed her breasts Phil and Grant, after the big, bald Mitchell brothers.

Another aspiring model Lateysha, 19, is leaving behind her childhood sweetheart Ryan – who she has been dating since she was 14 – to move into the house.

Bridgend bad boy Leeroy wants to be a rapper, but won’t let his music career distract him from the ladies. “Skinnies or fatties, I don’t care… sex is sex, innit.”

Meanwhile, law student Jenna, 21, has decided to put her legal career on hold to pursue glamour modelling as ‘law is a bit too boring’.

They will be joined by 26-year-old gay rugby player Liam, 19-year-old hairdresser Nicole, three times world champion kick-boxer Aron, 25-year-old ladies’ man Darren and 21-year-old bubbly blonde Carley.

The Valleys begins on MTV in September.