The Other Boleyn Girl and Groundhog Day

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Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood does history with American actresses Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson playing British sisters Anne and Mary Boleyn, who become rivals for the love of the British monarch Henry VIII, played by the Australian actor Eric Bana.

Natalie Portman

It’s a shallow portrayal of a deep and complex period in history, but if you like to see pretty frocks, pretty girls, pretty period properties, a few heaving bosoms and a small amount of bodice ripping, then this film will entertain well enough.

Now if you visited Movie Talk yesterday, you might be experiencing a sense of Déjà vu. Yes, indeed, The Other Boleyn Girl was on at 8pm on Sky Movies Premiere last night too. It’s like Groundhog Day isn’t it,  which is funny, because it is Groundhog Day today.

It must’ve felt a bit like Groundhog Day for poor old Henry too by the time he reached his sixth marriage. What do you think?

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