Smart, successful and newly single, Sanaa Lathan’s Leah has just begun dating suave charmer Carter (Michael Ealy). She hopes he might be Mr Right and her impressionable dad reckons he’s a candidate for the Boyfriend Hall of Fame, but we’ve already spotted the manic glint in his eye and suspect he’ll turn out to be a Major League Psycho. We’re right, of course.

A throwback to the 1990s era of Fatal Attraction, glossy but blandly directed stalker thriller The Perfect Guy fails to do anything interesting with its stock set-up and there’s no erotic frisson between the characters. Sadly, a misted shower door is as steamy as things get here.

Certificate 15. Runtime 96 mins. Director David M Rosenthal

The Perfect Guy is available on DVD & Digital HD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

DVD Extras Include:

“Lust and Obsession: Making The Perfect Guy” Featurette