The Polar Express Christmas Quiz

So did you get on board The Polar Express this festive season? Excellent! And remain sharp-eyed and sober while doing it? Even better. Then you should have a good chance of knowing what the heck we’re talking about in our Christmas Quiz….

Here are the Questions, let’s see how observant you really are.

1). What does the Hero Boy’s encyclopedia say about The North Pole?

A) Elf Habitat

B) Devoid of Life

C) Home of Santa Claus

D) Artic Tundra

2). What happens when the Hero Boy runs out of his room as the train arrives?

A) He kicks over his toy train.

B) He tears his robe on his bedpost.

C) He knocks over a glass of water.

D) He wakes up his parents.

3). What drink did the dancing waiters serve on the train?

A) Coca-Cola

B) Tea

C) Coffee

D) Hot Chocolate

4). Which animal stood in the way of the Polar Express on the train tracks?

A) Wolf

B) Reindeer

C) Elk

D) Moose

5). What does the Hero Boy repeatedly say to the Hero Girl?

A). Are you sure?

B). I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

C). Are we there yet?

D). What’s your name?

6). What was the hobo on top of the train cooking over his campfire?

A) Vegetable Soup

B) His Sock

C) Turkey Stew

D) Baked Beans

7). How did the children travel through Santa’s workshop?

A) On a sledge

B) On a Reindeer’s back

C) In a suction tube

D) On bicycles

8). What word does the conductor punch on the Hero Girl’s ticket?

A) Believe

B) Lead

C) Care

D) Learn

9). What was the first gift of Christmas?

A) A Bell from Santa’s sleigh

B) A Reindeer

C) An Elf

D) An Xbox 360

10). Which of these characters did NOT look eerily like Tom Hanks?

A) Santa

B) The Hobo

C) The Conductor

D) The Know-It-All Boy

So those are the fiendishly clever observational questions which have been supplied by Movie Talk’s seasonal helper Toby. So cheers Toby!

How many did you get right? Find out if you have bionic Elf eyes, or need to borrow Santa’s bifocals, by checking out the answers which will be posted on the blog on
30th December.