The Repair Shop to get Christmas special as Jay Blades returns

The Repair Shop Christmas special is looking for items

The Repair Shop will get a Christmas special, the BBC has announced.

Jay Blades and his team of experts will be in The Repair Shop barn for Festive Fixes as they rescue  items their owners thought were beyond saving.

They will be aiming to bring priceless pieces of family history and broken treasures – all with a Christmas twist – back to life.

The Repair Shop Christmas special presenter, Jay, said: “We are looking for items that have a
festive feel to them. They don’t have to be antique, it can be absolutely anything, but it must have that sentimental value and it must mean something to you and it needs repairing.

“We want you to get in contact because we want to get these things fixed for you.”

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Ceramics expert, Kirsten Ramsay said: “In previous series we’ve fixed a whole host of items, traditional instruments, garments, books, crockery and more.

“So, we’d love to hear from you about your amazing items in need of a Christmas miracle!”

Dominic Chinea, Metalwork Expert, added: “Viewers may remember that last Christmas
we fixed a chopper bike which was a huge treat – I can’t wait to see what comes through
the door this year.”

Among the items being featured will be a very special teddy bear. Teddy Bear Ladies, Julie and Amanda, explain: “It was a teddy that was delivered 80 years ago by Santa. He had comforted his little owner through wartime bombings and then, in turn comforted her own children.”

The Repair Shop Christmas special is currently filming now along with series six. Please email or log on to for more information about how to take part.

It’s not yet been announed when The Repair Shop Christmas special will air – see our Christmas TV section for more festive shows.

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