The Royles rumoured for Christmas comeback

The Royle Family are set to reunite for a Christmas special.

Award-winning comedian Caroline Aherne – who created the BBC sitcom and starred as Denise – is already working on the new script, according to The Sun.

A source said: “Caroline’s creative juices are flowing and her scripts will be packed full of humour.

“Exactly what the storylines will be haven’t been revealed, but they are already being eagerly anticipated by some top BBC executives.”

Fans of the show were last treated to a new episode in October 2006 when Nana passed away in a one-off special, The Queen Of Sheba.

Insiders expect Caroline’s scripts will be ready by the autumn after her co-writer Craig Cash’s new series Sunshine is completed. Caroline, 44, has apparently agreed to play a barmaid in Sunshine.

The source added: “A lot of us thought Caroline would never do another one after The Queen Of Sheba. But after a lengthy break, Jim Royle and the clan look set to make a comeback and it will make sensational viewing.

“It could be ready in time for Christmas. Shows like The Royle Family always hit the target with families in the festive season.”