Will The Simpsons crystal ball strike again with the World Cup finalists?

Will it be a Portugal v Mexico final?

The Simpsons has an amazing track record of predicting the future and fans reckon it might have struck again with its prediction for the World Cup final!

Back in 1997 in an episode called The Cartridge Family, the cult cartoon saw Mexico and Portugal battling it out in the World Cup final. With both teams flying high in the current tournament in Russia, it seems that The Simpsons might once again have cast its eye into a crystal ball and got things spot on!

“I’ll kill myself if Portugal doesn’t win,” says Homer as he takes Marge and co to the game.

One fan wrote: “Just know Mexico going to meet Portugal in the finals… the Simpsons never wrong.”

Another Twitter user said they will get The Simpsons shaved into his hair if it really is a Mexico v Portugal final! While one pointed out that The Simpsons had already correctly predicted that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.

Back in a 2004 episode the show also cryptically foretold the news of Toys R Us going under before it even happened!

It looks like the bookies are taking a few bets on it being a Portugal v Mexico final as the odds have narrowed to just 80-1. And Portuguese newspaper Eco has reported the news that the cartoon has predicted a Portugal v Mexico final, in the hope, of course, they might be right!

Pic credit: 2000 Fox TV for Sky One/PA