The ‘talentless’ Scott Mills is set to be Upstaged

He might be about to host a new TV talent show, but Scott Mills says he isn’t very talented himself. The 33-year-old Radio 1 DJ will front the new, interactive BBC Three show Upstaged now that it has moved from its online home to a nightly slot on the channel. Scott has been leading the search for a new talent at – with the daily winners battling it out for six hours in special performance box in Bristol’s city centre. But he admitted: “I don’t have any talent. I was thinking about this the other day. I can play records and I can talk, a lot, but if I was in a box for six hours, I have no idea what I would do. “You kind of hide behind a microphone and you don’t have to be seen all the time, but if I was on TV with no particular structure doing what I do on radio, I would find it extremely difficult.” Upstaged premieres on BBC Three on Monday, March 10, at 11.30pm.