When TV Times spoke to the Tappers at their home in north London, the Gogglebox (Channel 4, Friday) stars couldn’t wait to tell us why they enjoy winning awards, the shows they love to hate, and why being on TV is so much fun…


You won the award for Best Factual Entertainment Show at the National Television Awards. How did it compare with your BAFTA win last year?

Nikki: “It was amazing. We had some of our film crew with us and we were all screaming. The adrenaline was still going for days afterwards.”

Josh: “I thought we had tougher competition when we won the BAFTA, but to be honest I thought it was less likely that we would win an NTA.”

Amy: “Yeah, I thought Top Gear was going to win.”


You are Gogglebox veterans now, but did you watch much TV before you were on the show?

Nikki: “Jonathan and Josh did.”

Josh “I am a telly addict. Sometimes Dad and I just take over the lounge.”

Jonathan: “Nikki is more of a phone addict. She would spend the whole evening talking to her mates.”

Nikki: “Or cleaning the house!”

Josh: “Amy likes the rubbish shows like Geordie Shore.”


Were any of you worried about being on TV?

Josh: “No way. Amy and I wanted to do it the most! It’s an amazing experience and no one else our age has done it.”

Am: “All my friends at school are used to it now.”

Josh: “Yeah, but a lot of my friends still take the mick out of me!”

Why do you think people enjoy watching your family so much?

Jonathan: “It must be Nikki’s voice.”

Nikki: “Oh shut up!”

Amy: “I think it’s because we are normal… Well, we’re not exactly normal, but we are just a regular family with a mum, a dad, a girl and a boy.”

Jonathan: “It’s probably all the shouting.”

Nikki: “It’s all the love between us – that and lots of banter.”


Do you get asked to review anything you don’t like for the show?

Jonathan: “Erm, there’s quite a bit actually.”

Josh: “There are loads – I don’t like Antiques Roadshow.”

Nikki: “I love Downton Abbey, but the rest of the family hate it!”

Josh: “Every time the theme tune comes on we all just groan.”

Jonathan: “I hate party political broadcasts. Josh likes them, but he’s studying politics at A-level.”

Nikki: “Amy’s more into One Direction.”

Amy: “It was Harry Styles’ birthday last month.”


Do you think watching television for the show has bought you closer together?

Jonathan: “We wouldn’t do it otherwise. There’s a definite double whammy there because we get to watch TV and spend time together, which is nice.”

Josh: “Even if we have to watch something that we really hate, we end up having a discussion about stupid things to distract us, which is funny.”


Sandy and Sandra are known for their unusual TV snacks. What do you like to eat while watching the box?

Josh: “I would love to eat pizza, but because the others eat healthily I’m not allowed it!”

Nikki: “John, Amy and me are really healthy.

Amy: “I’m healthiest!”


Can we look forward to seeing more of you on Gogglebox, or are there other shows you’re interested in doing?

Amy: “I would probably do The X Factor.”

Nikki: “As long as there’s Gogglebox, I’d like to think the Tappers will be on it… although I would love to do Strictly Come Dancing.”

Jonathan: “But you can’t dance!”

Josh: “Yeah Mum, you’d be voted off first!”