The Voice champ Stevie McCrorie: ‘I hope the fire station keeps the door open for me’

The Voice winner Stevie McCrorie hopes he will be able to return to firefighting if his music career doesn’t work out.

The Scot has got his fingers crossed that his bosses at the fire station will keep his job open so that he can provide for wife Amy and daughter Bibi if the need arises.

“I hope they will keep the door open for me, at least for a while, just to see how things go,” he tells TV Times. “I don’t think failure is an option and I am going to work hard, but sometimes things are out of your control in this industry and why would I not want that security net when I have got my family to look after?”

However, the 30-year-old, who is currently at number one in the mid-week charts with his single Lost Stars, is hoping that going back to firefighting won’t be necessary as he is determined to make the most of his success and eclipse the lacklustre post-Voice ventures of previous winners.

“To be at number one is amazing. I would have been happy with top 40 because I have released independent stuff on iTunes before and it has never even got to the top 100,” he laughs. “The dream for me is to get into a great recording studio because I am used to being in little garages and recording with the cheapest equipment you can get, but now I am going to work with songwriters and producers that can bring best out of me,” he says.

The singer also has rather modest ambitions about how he wants to spend his earnings as his music career gets properly underway.

“I just want to come back to a nice wee home in a quiet location after a busy gig or tour. I am not setting my standards too high, I can achieve that,” he says.


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