The Voice: Cleo among winners as battles commence

Cleo Higgins and Adam Barron were among the winners in the first battle rounds of The Voice on Saturday night – as the new ‘steal’ twist came into force.

The former Cleopatra singer powered through to the next stage after facing off against duo Nu-Tarna – but not before the trio had exchanged a war of words ahead of their performance.

“Cleo did an amazing performance and got four chairs turned for her but where do you go from there?” the girls pointed out.

However their rival swiftly hit back, saying: “I will step right in front of anyone who gets in my way” after accusing band member Kelly of ‘singing over everything’.

Kelly swiftly retorted: “If she thinks I’m not going to be doing that on stage she’s very much mistaken.”

Despite all the backstage banter their performance of Ce Ce Peniston’s Finally went smoothly, even though both acts fought fiercely for their place in the competition.

“I have a headache. You didn’t listen to each other and I feel like you are all going to walk off this stage with a sore throat,” Jessie complained.

Danny added: “I think you are kind of right, I think three big, big voices out on stage. You had the place absolutely rocking but I thought Nu-Tarna’s was a little too much and Cleo got dragged into it but that’s just me.”

Elsewhere in the competition Andrea Begley triumphed over former Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow, Sarah Cassidy won over Katie Benbow, and Jamie Bruce beat LB Robinson.

Meanwhile Jordan Lee Davies won over Matt Henry and Welshman Ash Morgan was victorious over Adam Barron – but both were given a lifeline after Matt was poached by Jessie J and Adam was snapped up by Tom Jones.

The battle rounds continue on Sunday night.




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