The Voice has continued to hold its own in the Saturday night ratings battle against Britain’s Got Talent – once again beating it during the period when the two shows overlapped.

Saturday’s show – in which auditions passed the halfway mark – once again increased its overall audience, with an average of 9.5m – 500,000 more than last weekend – and an impressive peak audience of 10.5m.

And it scored 4m more viewers than Britain’s Got Talent when the two shows had their 20 minute overlap from 8pm.

By contrast, Britain’s Got Talent had a peak audience of 10.2m at 8.45pm, and an average audience of 9.4m – although still narrowly beat The Voice in overall figures once the 532,000 watching the show on ITV+1 were taken into account.

However its average viewing figures were 850,000 lower than they were the previous weekend.

Saturday’s instalment of The Voice saw performances from the likes of Amy Winehouse’s close friend Tyler James and one-time chart star Cassius Henry, both of whom made it through to the next round.

BGT, meanwhile, had the nation talking about rapper Mr Zip – aka Zipparah Tafari – whose catchy rap Where’s Me Keys Where’s Me Phone left his name trending on Twitter within seconds of his appearance.

Others who made it through to the next stage included teenager Ashleigh Butler and her performing dog Pudsey, who wowed the judges with their dance routine to The Flintstones theme.