Team Will head to Corrie cobbles to film’s new music video

Team Will were given the opportunity to take part in's new music video, which was filmed in Weatherfield. We spoke to them to find out more...

Team Will were given the opportunity to take part in their mentor’s music video for his new single Fiyah.

Jason Jones, Michelle John and Tanya Lacey were given parts in the video, which was filmed in the Rovers Return.

Jason said: “Two or three weeks ago I was sat at home watching Corrie, then all of a sudden I’m on Corrie. It’s moments like that when you really have to pinch yourself and say ‘this is really happening’.”

Michelle said: “My mum is a massive Corrie fan, I don’t know if she is more proud of me being on The Voice or being on the cobbles this week.”

The final 12 acts are preparing to go head-to-head tonight in the show’s quarter-finals.

Team Jen, Team Tom, Team Gavin and Team Will have a nerve-wracking night ahead as each contestant tries to defend their place in the competition.

Only eight acts can go through to the next round, and all contestants are hoping they have what it takes to wow the mentors and the public.

In an exclusive interview with What’s On TV, Team Jen said they were preparing to up their game.

Mo Adeniran, Jamie Miller and Jack Bruley told us about how they are feeling as they prepare to go head-to-head with the other teams – and each other.

Jamie revealed he will be singing a slow song in tonight’s quarter-final as he wants to show people he can sing.

Jack said: “I’m very excited but I’m also very nervous. You’ve got to up your game.”

Speaking of his song choice, Mo said: “I’m really excited to sing this song, I really connect with it on a personal level and it’s different to a lot of the songs that I’ve done. I just hope I do it justice.”

Responding to rumours that he could be the bookies’ favourite to win the competition, Mo said: “Everyone is in the competition because we are all individuals and we all have individual voices. If I was a viewer at home I would vote for Max because he’s my friend and flatmate. Everyone is unique, on the day of the final we’ll just have to see where we’re all at really.”

Team Tom revealed their mentor has become more like a friend to them during the rehearsal stages of the competition.

Craig Ward said: “When I talk to him he knows exactly what I need to hear. He’s been great.”

Into the Ark’s Taylor said: “Tom is awesome, he kind of just settles us. If we’ve got any queries or if we’re feeling uncomfortable he’s the first person to catch on to that.”

Dane said: “He seems like the only human one there that you can reach out to.”

Nadine McGhee said: “He’s just a normal person. He looks after us and does the best he can for us. He doesn’t seem like this massive big legend, but he is. He’s so lovely and down-to-earth, and he’s funny as well.”

The Voice quarter final is on ITV tonight at 8:30pm

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