The Voice host Marvin Humes: ‘I’ve had lots of cuddles off Kylie’

Marvin Humes admits he’s just like everyone else in the country at the moment, a little bit smitten with new Voice coach Kylie Minogue.

“Kylie is a legend – an absolute icon,” says the JLS singer and Voice host. “They call Kylie a pop princess but she’s a pop queen. She’s fantastic. I’ve been fortunate enough to sing with Kylie when us JLS boys did a show called This Is JLS. We spent a good few days with her. You get the whole Kylie thing when you meet her. She’s lovely and I’ve had lots of cuddles from her since we started recording The Voice.”

It didn’t take Marvin more than a moment to decide to sign up as the Voice’s new co-host with Big Brother’s Emma Willis. “It was instant. I’m a big fan of The Voice, and these types of talent shows, and I’ve always wanted to be in television – so I was like, where do I sign? I love that I have any part in the show. It’s just a dream come true.”

Marvin’s wife, The Saturdays singer Rochelle, is also very happy to see her hubby on television every Saturday night.

“She’s over the moon, she’s a huge fan of Emma Willis, and a huge fan of the show,” she said. “She couldn’t believe it when I told her I was up for the role and who the coaches were this time. I do miss her when I’m filming though as I don’t see her and our baby daughter for days sometimes, but it’s all going well.”