The Voice ‘in crisis’ as Kylie Minogue quits and threatens to follow her

The Voice coach Tom Jones believes the talent show would struggle without Aussie pop princess Kylie Minogue, who has said she will be too busy to return as a judge.

Tom, 73, urged BBC bosses to pull out all the stops to keep Kylie board, fearing viewers will switch off if she is not involved.

“The BBC should do whatever they can to keep Kylie,” Tom told the Mirror. “It works how it is right now. With the four of us, I think it’s a good combination.”

Kylie, 45, has been credited with boosting The Voice’s viewing figures.

Tom added: “At the end of the day, it’s the viewers that count.”

Meanwhile, fellow coach, 39, has refused to confirm whether he will be back in the famous red chair.

The US star declared: “I always wait to the last minute to decide. The first two seasons I had so much fun. I didn’t think there could be a better show.

“But this third season is pretty freaking awesome.

“It would be best if it returned with Kylie,” he added.

Kylie, who is on a £500,000 deal, shocked BBC bosses by saying she will leave The Voice to focus on her music and tour.

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