The Voice knockout round saw Ricky Wilson struggle to choose the final three members of Team Ricky to go through to the live rounds.

“You have an incredible team, Ricky and I wouldn’t want to have to choose from the incredible seven,” Kylie told him.

But Ricky had to make three choices when the singing was over.

“From the beginning I promised this person I would fight for them,” Ricky said of his first choice, “and see them through as far as they could go: it’s Chris.”

So Chris Royal was through with after a memorable performance of the Judy Garland classic Over the Rainbow.

“Second place for me was the highlight of the blind auditions,” Ricky continued, “and I should be thanking them more than they should be thanking me. It’s Christina Marie.”

Christina Marie had turned her “massive” voice to Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love. It’s the song that made Mariah Carey and may well be the making of Christine Marie.

Ricky got in a huddle with fellow judges, Kylie Minogue and Tom Jones before he announced his third choice. He told them it was between Jazz and Emily. But they couldn’t make up his mind for him, he had to do it himself.

“This is really tough,” said Ricky. “Whoever I put through it’s because of what I think they can do, not what they’ve done already.”

Kylie told Ricky to go with his heart and he said: “It’s Emily.”

“We three are going to bring it,” Emily promised Ricky.

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The live shows begin Saturday 22 March, with the quarter-finals.