The Voice: The coaches complete their teams in the final Blind Auditions

With so few places left on the teams it was inevitable that there would be more people going home than going through to the next stage of The Voice.

Ricky and Rita, both had one place each on their teams, and it didn’t take them long to complete their teams. Unsurprisingly, last-minute merchants Tom and Will cut it fine until they claimed the acts to make up their final 12. 

First up was toilet-roll seller Vannessa Hunt with Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. Rita turned around early on in the song, while Ricky and Tom left it until the last minute to hit their red buttons. But they needn’t have bothered because the 26-year-old auditionee from Peterborough chose La Ora to be her coach. Later, Mitch Miller, 26, from Birmingham, sang a song that sounded like it belonged in a 1920s speakeasy, but it was actually a Jazz-style rendition of rap song Fancy by Iggy Azalea. Rita loved it and turned round, albeit at the very last moment, thereby completing her team!

Ricky found his final act when Autumn Sharif was performed Crying For No Reason by Katy B. Both he and Tom hit their buttons, but the performer chose Mr Wilson over Mr Jones. And that means “no more spinny spinny” for Ricky or Rita!

With just Will and Tom left to complete their teams there was a big gap before there was any chair swivelling going on.

Among those who didn’t make it were: holiday camp singer Matt Baker who sang Are You Gonna Go My Way? by Lenny Kravitz; Kyle Parry, a factory worker from Rhyl in Wales, who performed I Try by Pink; Michelle Gee, a midwife from London, who got the judges grooving in their chairs with
I Feel For You by Chaka Khan; Sarah Dunn, who performed a slowed-down version of Barbie Girl, originally sung by Scandinavian pop outfit Aqua; and Craig Bunch who gave it his all by singing A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker.

JoCee, 23, from Essex, revealed she has two famous connections – Olympic athlete Sally Gunnell is her aunt and pop star Pixie Lott is her best mate. But her hopes of fame faded when her performance of Show Me Love by Robin S failed to get either of the remaining coaches to hit their buttons.

Country music fan Roisin Geraghty-McDonagh from Halifax struck lucky with the Dolly Parton tear-jerker A Coat of Many Colours when she got a last-minute turn from – surprise, surprise – Mr Tom Jones.

Analies, 20, from Cardiff, turned up on stage with something a bit different – a semi-operatic version of Chandelier by Sia. Sadly, she didn’t get any turns from Will or Tom. While Will said he already had a similar performer on his team, Tom admitted he had made a mistake and said he was a “schmuck” for not turning! It’s a bit late in the day, but for goodness sake, Jones, you need to be a bit quicker with that button!

Charlotte Turnbull, an 18 year old from Wallington in Surrey, gave a stonking performance of Gecko by Oliver Heldens ft Becky Hill but she wasn’t what Tom or Will were looking for to fill the last places on their teams. Lisa Ward, 26, from Shetland, seemed to fit the bill though when they both Will and Tom hit their buttons during her performance of Weak by Skunk Anansie. Forced to choose between Will and Tom – she chose “the silver bear” aka “Mr Jones” aka “The King Of Wales”!

With Team Tom full up, there was still one place left on Will’s team. If he didn’t turn for the final contestant then he faced going into the Battle Rounds with 11 rather than 12 acts.

Andrew Marc, 48, a Tina Turner impersonator from Hereford got Ricky and Rita up and dancing with the singing legend’s What’s Love Got To Do With It? The other coaches were on edge as they waited for Will to turn – and luckily he did at the very last minute! With his team complete, Will celebrated by bringing out the silly string and spraying it all over Rita.

Now the teams are complete, it’s time for the coaches to prepare their acts for next week’s Battle Rounds…


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