The Voice: Toni and Vince triumph on week two

The second week of The Voice live shows saw Toni Warne and Vince Kidd among those winning rave reviews from the judges, as Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue’s teams took to the stage for the first time.

Having watched from the sidelines last week as Tom Jones and’s teams took the spotlight, the ten acts were making their initial bid to remain in the competition, with two due to be eliminated on Sunday night.

And Toni Warne kicked off the show in style with a blistering rendition of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary which led her coach Jessie J to call herself ‘proud Jessie’.

“I’m happy people are hearing more of your voice,” she said while Tom added, “Tina Turner’s got her own thing but Toni’s got her own thing and she did it her way.”

Vince Kidd, meanwhile, had both the audience and judges on their feet to applaud his offbeat rendition of Elvis Presley’s Always On My Mind.

“I love that you took such a risk,” Jessie said of his version. “It was great, I am happy.”

“I loved your voice,” Danny added, “the range you have is unhuman for a male vocalist.”

Also making an impact on Saturday night were Cassius Henry, who had an unusual song choice in the shape of Coldplay’s Paradise, and Bo Bruce, who overcame a difficult week to give a faultless performance of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill.

The 27-year-old, whose mother is very ill, was clearly emotional during the performance, and won plaudits from the judges as a result.

“I am proud, your mum is proud and the whole of the UK is proud as well,” Danny told her.

Youngsters Becky Hill and Aleks Josh also fared well, the former singing Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck, the latter winning praise and a raft of female admirers on Twitter with his rendition of Dream A Little Dream Of Me.

“I love this girl’s spirit, I think it’s fantastic,” Tom said of Becky, while Danny said of Aleks, “Michael Buble was not this good at this age…I think you could sell a lot of records.”

David Julien and Max Milner also impressed the judges, with the former tackling the Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition and the latter opting for a pared-down version of Tom Petty’s Freefallin’ which also saw him play guitar.

“I am lost for words,” told David, “I am going to have to start making words up,” while Danny noted that despite one of Max’s guitar strings going off key the performance was still “magic”.

However the judges were divided over Ruth-Ann St Luce and Hannah Berney, as Ruth-Ann attempted a version of Cheryl Cole’s Promise This and Hannah turned rock chick for a mash up of Julie London and Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River.

Will described Ruth’s performance as “pitchy” while Tom agreed, saying, “You want to watch your pitch a little bit and try to own the song.”

“There was too much going on,” said Jessie J, complaining about her backing dancers, “I am on The Voice and I wanted to hear you sing.”

However Tom disagreed, saying, “To be honest I was mesmerised by you, I wasn’t even aware that they were there.”

The results will be revealed on Sunday evening with two more acts leaving the competition.