The Voice: Toni’s Elton cover wins ovation

The Voice‘s Toni Warne was among the contestants who triumphed on Saturday night’s show as Teams Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue made their bid for a semi-final place.

In a show which was punctuated by technical hitches and arguing between the judges, the 34-year-old wowed both panel and crowd with her emotional version of Elton John’s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

And her coach Jessie J admitted she had tears in her eyes during the song.

“Vocally I said do what you want and believe in yourself,” she said. “I’m so proud of you.”

Tom Jones was in agreement, saying, “You moved me, you got into the song, you have so much emotion when you sing and it was great.”

Others who fared well included Vince Kidd and Bo Bruce, the former singing a reggae-tinged version of Whitney Houston’s My Love Is Your Love, and the latter impressing with a rocky take on the Rihanna hit Love The Way You Lie.

“It’s hard taking anyone else’s song,” Tom Jones remarked, “but Vince does it his own way and that’s the talent he has. He doesn’t sound like anyone else, he sounds like himself.”

However several other performers fell foul of the judges, who criticised their efforts and also argued with each other over song choices.

Cassius Henry scored a mixed response from the judges for his rendition of Adele’s Turning Tables, with calling the performance “spectacular” – however Danny had his doubts. “Was that a strong enough performance to get you into the next round?” he asked. “I don’t think so.”

The judges also clashed over the song choices of Aleks Josh – who sang Jack Johnson’s Better Together – and David Julien, who performed Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved.

“I thought it was very safe, and I found myself waiting for it to get more exciting,” Jessie said of Aleks’ performance, while Will told David, “The way you guys are going about picking songs…it’s like you aren’t taking it serious,” only for Danny to retort, “And your team was better?”

Max Milner, who sang KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and The Cherry Tree, also won a mixed response, with Danny calling the performance “amazing” but Jessie calling the song choice “too similar to someone who’s already doing this very well.”

Meanwhile Becky Hill almost ran into trouble when she forgot the lyrics to her song, the White Stripes hit Seven Nation Army, and was seen to silently swear on camera.

Holly later apologised for the slip-up, while a clearly distraught Becky was comforted by Jessie, who told her, “You need to realise how amazing your voice is.” Tom Jones was also impressed, adding, “This girl is on fire as far as I’m concerned!”

The results will be revealed on Sunday evening’s show, with four more singers leaving the competition ahead of next weekend’s semi-final.