The Voice winner Andrea Begley: ‘People congratulate me on winning X Factor!’

The Voice winner Andrea Begley said people often congratulate her on ‘winning The X Factor’.

The 26-year-old songbird from Pomeroy, County Tyrone, said she always took the error in ‘good spirit’ as each show ‘kind of merges into the other’.

At the first big London gig of her career, partially-sighted Andrea said fans on social networks regularly wrote to tell her she was like an ‘angle’ when they meant ‘angel’.

She told the audience at the Union Chapel – appropriately in Angel Islington – that she always hopes they mean ‘a cute angle’ as opposed to an obtuse angle.

The star, who described the gig as ‘a highlight’ so far, said: “I still keep pinching myself.”

Between songs from her album The Message, which went into the official chart at number seven, Andrea entertained the packed venue with witty anecdotes.

In a faux English accent, the Irishwoman said she regularly hears: “I just want to congratulate you on winning The X Factor.

“So I’ve done very well this year – I’ve won two shows,” she added.

After the gig, which ended with a standing ovation, Andrea said: “I think for people, the one show kind of merges into the other.

“I take it in good spirit.”

The singer, who was guided over to the microphone on stage due to her partial vision, said she has had some strange offers.

“I did have a lady come up to me one day and offer to cure me. I’m still waiting for that,” she laughed.

Andrea gave a mention to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), and said it is great that she can be ‘a bit of an ambassador for visually impaired people’.

She said she ‘never set out for a second to be inspirational’, but said that if she can inspire other people then that is ‘really humbling’ and a ‘great feeling’.

The star, who writes her own songs, said working on her own material is what she wants to focus on long term.

Andrea’s performance on the Union Chapel’s altar was watched by her proud parents who sat in the pews. Her father Kieran said they were ‘very proud’, and described her success on The Voice and since as ‘unbelievable’.


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