The Voice winner Jermain Jackman reveals his album’s coming ‘very soon’ (VIDEO)

The Voice UK sensation Jermain Jackman told What’s on TV that fans should expect a sound with an edge from his album, which is coming soon.

Jermain, 19, won The Voice UK final in April with a series of stunning, soulful performances under the tutelage of, who he remains in close contact with.

At the Freesat TV Awards in London Jermain told What’s on TV how long we’d have to wait for the album: “I’m striking while the iron is hot, it’s going to be very soon, but I’m a very patient person and I’m a perfectionist, so I want to take care. The album’s like my baby, so I want to take care and I want to make sure when I bring it out into the world it’s right. it’s correct, it’s fully equipped to take on what people have to say.”

He gave some clues about the sound: “I’m a soul singer, I love soul, but it’s going to be an album with an edge, it’s going to be a sound with an edge. No one is doing it, that’s why it’s so hard to find my sound. I can’t use anyone as a blueprint, I have to use myself, my mind, what I love listening to and what I love singing, so I want to surprise you with what’s coming…”

Watch our conversation with Jermain Jackman (plus an over-zealous fan!):