The Voice winner Jermain Jackman wants to be political pop star

The Voice winner Jermain Jackman has said he wants to follow in the footsteps of his coach and combine a pop career with his passion for politics.

The 19-year-old Labour party volunteer, the show’s first male winner, said he had been inspired by a visit to Buckingham Palace.

He said: ” has inspired me. I’ve seen the way he can just shift gears from the musician superstar Will to the philanthropic Will.

“We went to Buckingham Palace last week and met Prince Andrew… and it was so inspiring to see how he can switch gears and mix the two. That’s exactly what I want to do: I want to use my success in music to give back to my community.”

Jermain, who beat bookies favourites Sally Barker and Christina Marie Wickens in the final of The Voice on Saturday, said the win had still not sunk in.

Asked what went through his mind when his name was called out, he said: “The fact that I needed to go to the toilet? I went into this state of mind where I was just daydreaming. I blocked everything out and that’s why it took like a second and a half for me to realise that they actually said my name.

“It’s been kind of crazy, but it’s been almost surreal. I had to pinch myself a couple of times because I didn’t expect to win, but it’s a wonderful achievement and I’m so glad.”

The soul singer from London said support from Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Prince Andrew has been a highlight. Cheryl called during the show, while the other stars and politicians have tweeted congratulations.

“I was shocked. For Will to get a call and for it to be Cheryl saying Jermain was amazing, that’s out of this world,” he said.

Jermain is not put off by the lack of chart success for previous winners Leanne Mitchell and Andrea Begley.

“I’m not too focused on the other winners. I’m going to be focused on myself and what I’m going to be doing,” he said. “It’s still yet to be discussed, but we’re going to be doing some tracks. I have a great team around me who are going to develop me and the songs we’re going to be creating.

“I’m really looking forward to the future. I’m looking forward to writing some material and who knows what the future may hold for the album? We’re going to be striking while the iron is hot.”


The Press Association