The Voice’s Tyler James reveals stagefright fears

The Voice finalist Tyler James has said he is worried that nerves might affect his performance as he gives his second live performance of the series in Saturday’s show.

Speaking to The Sun the 29-year-old – who will take to the stage as one of the remaining members of Team, admitted he was hoping stage fright would not cause him to forget his words.

“I’ve been nervous every time and it always does affect my performance in some way. I just have to try to channel the nerves in a positive way,” he said.

“It gives you lots of adrenaline and you just hope that it doesn’t get too much that you are shaking.

However Tyler – a former friend of Amy Winehouse who enjoyed brief chart success with the track Foolish in 2005 – added that he was doing what he wanted to be doing in spite of his fears.

“This is where I want to be, it’s where I’ve always wanted to be,” he told the paper. “I love performing and I do love being there, terrifying as it is.

“Hopefully as I progress – and generally in life – the more and more I perform I will conquer it and get to a point where I’m nervous in a healthy way, which I’m not now.”

Tyler will join his fellow teammates along with the remaining members of Team Tom Jones on this Saturday’s show, with two more acts due to be voted off on Sunday.

The action kicks off on BBC1 slightly earlier than usual, at 6.10pm.