The Walshes creator Graham Linehan: Don’t compare my new sitcom with Mrs Brown’s Boys

Graham Linehan‘s new BBC comedy The Walshes might be about an Irish family, but the man who co-wrote The IT Crowd and Father Ted says he hopes the show won’t be compared to hit comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Graham revealed that he’s never seen Brendan O’Carroll’s sitcom.

“I was never a big fan of Brendan in Dublin so I don’t think his show would appeal to me,” said Graham, who has co-written The Walshes with comedy group Diet of Worms.

He added that Carmel Walsh, the matriarch of the new three-part sitcom is the first honest representation of an Irish ‘mammy’ on television.

“The Irish mammy is something that all Irish people know, but it’s never really been represented on TV so it was great to see it at last. I haven’t actually seen Mrs Brown’s Boys so I couldn’t comment conclusively, but I think the mother in that is far more pantomimey than what we’re trying to do with The Walshes.

“Irish people are very funny, witty people and I don’t think that’s something which is represented on Irish TV.”

The Walshes starts on BBC4 on Thursday, March 13 at 10pm


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