The Weakest Link to replace Neighbours on BBC1

Children’s shows are getting pushed back and will be shown earlier in the BBC One schedule to make way for the move of the Weakest Link from BBC Two.

The Anne Robinson-fronted quiz show is migrating to BBC One to fill the gap left by Neighbours, which is moving to Five on February 11 after the BBC dropped out of the bidding war last year.

Children’s programming on BBC1, including Blue Peter and Newsround, will now start 20 minutes earlier, a move which could prove controversial with some parents. At the moment, children’s programming starts at 3.25pm.

The Weakest Link, which regularly attracts almost three million viewers on BBC Two, will kick-off at 5.15pm before the Six O’Clock News.

It follows the likes of The Apprentice, Have I Got News For You, and Who Do You Think You Are?, which have all moved from BBC Two to the BBC’s flagship channel. Celebrity-based versions of The Weakest link have previously aired on BBC One.

A BBC spokesman said that more than 80 per cent of six to 12-year-olds had access to multichannel TV and so could catch up with shows later in the day.

The BBC also wants to extend the hours of children’s channel CBBC to run until 9pm instead of the current 7pm. The announcement came as BBC Chairman Sir Michael Lyons said that the BBC Trust would be reviewing BBC services for children and young people.

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