The Windsors will be back on C4 for a second series in 2017

It’s the final episode of The Windsors tonight, and there’s good news for all the cast. C4 has jsut announced that the satirical spoof comedy will be back for a second series! So Harry Enfield, Hadyn Gwynne, Morgana Robinson, Hugh Skinner and Louise Ford can dig out their royal clobber once more when it starts filming again in 2017!

We’ve seen plenty of outrageousness in this first series, with Camilla trying to get pregnant, Prince Charles meeting an illegitimate heir who was the son of a Three Degree (the middle one!) and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice seemingly radicalized! While some ardent royalists have objected to the lampooning humour, it’s proved a ratings hit for C4, gaining 1.6 million viewers at 10pm on a Friday night.

Louise Ford, who plays Princess Kate but with a gypsy background, told us: “Our show is mild on royal family compared to Spitting Image who were really mean! To give Kate a Gypsy background was terrifically funny. And all the stuff about her liking squirrel stew was great because it’s so stupid. Any who’s offended will make themselves look like an idiot.”

C4’s head of comedy Phil Clarke: “We’re a nation who appears to enjoy poking fun at the institution of the monarchy almost as much as we enjoy staring at a hospital door waiting for a royal baby to be born and I am delighted to welcome The Windsors back to Channel 4 comedy for second series.”

* The final episode of The Windsors series one is on C4 tonight at 10pm

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