The Women – is it worth watching?

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People have been hard on this movie, but I’m not sure it deserves such harsh criticism.

This tale of three wealthy women rallying around their friend Mary (Meg Ryan) after she learns that her husband is having an affair, is an updated version of the 1939 George Cukor film. It has an all-star cast. Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Bette Midler, Carrie Fisher, Jada Pinkett-Smith Candice Bergen, Cloris Leachman.


Now, I admit that when you compare it to the George Cukor classic, it does appear to be a weak relative. I also admit that the cast of beauties have all starred in better films.

However, if you erase the better version from your mind and forget that those actresses have all had more memorable movie roles, then The Women (2008) is not all that bad. As a stand-alone feature-length comedy, it’s a sweet celebration of female friendship, and satisfying enough as entertainment, albeit somewhat forgettable and throwaway.

Unfortunately, having said all that, my half-hearted defence of The Women is threatened today by the fact that its star Meg Ryan’s best movie When Harry Met Sally is also showing on TV.

The Women, Meg Ryan

Will you resist the urge to compare and contrast?

When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan

The Women is showing on Sky Movies Premiere today, 28th November, at 5.30pm, and at various times throughout the week.

When Harry Met Sally is showing on Comedy Central tonight at 11.30pm

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