The Wrong Mans return: ‘It’s another snowballing set of disasters’

TV & Satellite Week chats to Mathew Baynton and James Corden about the new series of The Wrong Mans (BBC2, Monday & Tuesday December 22-23)…

So what can we expect from series two?
Mathew: “It’s a part two as opposed to a new adventure and everything comes from what happened in the first series. It is another snowballing set of disasters – out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

Have the characters changed at all since the first series?
James: “We were conscious of what the characters had been through in series one and how that would have had an impact on who they are now. I’ve never seen a dead body, or been chased, or wanted, and if that did happen to me this week, next week I’d be a different person as a result, so we were conscious of staying true to the characters and the story.”

The series is set in Texas but filmed in South Africa – how exciting was that?
Mathew: “It’s a bigger adventure, drawn on a larger canvas, and it was thrilling to be able to shoot in a landscape that felt so different.”

Speaking of thrilling, the last series had some pretty spectacular stunts. Will there be more this series?
Mathew: “We wanted to top the stunts too. The first series saw us jumping off a bridge at some height and this series culminates in a jump from a hell of a lot higher. I am scared of heights, so I was completely terrified.”