The third week of X Factor has featured some of the highlights – and lowlights – from auditions in Cardiff.

And there was no shortage of talent in Wales, with some of the younger hopefuls particularly impressing the judges.

Among those winning themselves a place in the next round was 16-year-old schoolboy Lloyd Daniels – although he almost missed out after his nerves got the better of him during his first song.

However, an acapella rendition of R Kelly‘s Turn Back The Hands Of Time convinced the judges.

“You look like a popstar,” Louis Walsh told him, while Cheryl Cole said that he “had the X Factor”.

Also sailing through to bootcamp was 18-year-old Lucie Jones, who wowed the panel with her own take on the Whitney Houston chart-topper I Will Always Love You.

“That was my favourite performance of the day!” gushed Cheryl. “I don’t think you realise how amazing you are.”

Simon agreed. “This is why we come to Wales,” he told her.

Meanwhile in London, 17-year-old Jade Fubara delivered a powerhouse audition which left audience – and judges – applauding.

“You are what The X Factor is all about,” Louis Walsh said, while Simon Cowell said he predicted “great things” for the A’level student.

But as usual, it wasn’t all success stories. French waiter Fouad left the judges stunned for all the wrong reasons with his high-pitched rendition of Mariah Carey‘s Vision Of Love – but his similarly wacky version of Hero had the audience on their feet.

“There is no way in a million billion years anyone would play that version on the radio,” an exasperated Simon Cowell pointed out. “It was like something out of Star Wars, I couldn’t understand a single word you were singing!”

Some of the quirkier acts from the Manchester auditions also got an airing, including barman Allan Busby, who won few fans with his over-enthusiastic dancing. “You look as if you’ve been electrocuted,” Dannii Minogue told him.

The groups also had a rough ride, although for duo Combined Effort it was a memorable audition – as the twosome, teenagers Jack and Kirsty, had broken off their engagement only days earlier.

And although the judges were unimpressed by their singing, both Simon and Cheryl in to suggest that the pair were still in love – and Jack admitted his feelings for his ex on stage, with her eventually agreeing to give their relationship another chance.