The X Factor: can Simon Cowell’s phone call save this girl’s job?

It’s a tough choice… audition for The X Factor and risk losing your job – or go to work and forget your dreams.

Kerrianne Covell, a 23-year-old shop assistant from Teeside, chose to skip work.

“What do you do?” Simon Cowell asked Kerrianne.

“I work in a shoe shop but I’ve probably lost my job,” she told him. “I should be at work now but I can’t be because I’m here.”

After a “perfect” audition, Kerrianne is throught to the next round and Simon offers to help her.

“Would you like me to call your boss?”

“Yes!” says Kerrianne.

So he does – and leaves this voice message: “Hello, it’s Simon Cowell. I’m phoning to apologise, actually, because of Kerriane not being at work today. She’s made it through to the next round but would like to keep her job in the short term If she makes it further, though, she’ll probably never talk to you again. I hope that’s OK. Call me. Bye.”

And it was OK. Kerrianne wasn’t sacked.

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 The X Factor continues on ITV, Saturday, September 13, 8.00pm.