“I’m a personality and I want to be in the world. I’ve been blessed with the gift to sing. I believe in my talent. It’s not anywhere in my body to give up…” And that was 31-year-old singer/songwriter Raign before she even got into the X Factor room for round four of the auditions…

The thing is, she’s hardly amateur… She’s got her own website, her own single…

“How come it hasn’t worked out for you, do you think?” asked Cheryl.

“Oh, it’s working out. I’m currently number 17 in Russia,” Raign told her.

But the look on Cheryl’s face told her – and everyone else – that she wasn’t impressed.

“The truth is Raign you’re 31 and it hasn’t worked yet,” Simon Cowell added.

“Do you think you have the X Factor?” asked Mel B.

“I think you need legitimate indie artists on this show. I can put a show on for you. I can work with your stylists. I will not stop. I will make this kick off, I promise you,” Raign pushed.

But after she sang Clarity, by Zedd, Simon wasn’t impressed, either.

“You didn’t sing the song well,” he told Raign. “It’s an audition I’ve heard ten thousand times in my life.”

“I don’t think I’ve heard anyone sound like me, Simon,” Raign answered.

And Cheryl glared at her again.

But Louis Walsh and Mel said “yes”.

Simon said “no”.

“I’m sorry, Simon,” Raign said.

“Why are you sorry?” asked Cheryl.

“Because Simon was the one I really wanted to impress. He’s the most important person.”

Then Cheryl said “no”, too.

“Cheryl, that’s not fair. Please change.”

She doesn’t and Raign left.

Then she comes back – and that’s when it all really kicked off…

“Please don’t let me go, Simon,” Raign begged after singing her own song, Don’t Let Me Go.

Raign was determined to change Simon’s mind, at least.

“I want to tell her to change her attitude,” Cheryl muttered.

“I actually thought we were seeing the real you that time,” Simon told Raign. “It’s a good song. You were boring when you sang your first song. Now I’m going to say ‘yes’. I like a trier.”

Cheryl was not happy but Raign was through.

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