The nine remaining finalists in The X Factor have each performed a disco classic in an attempt to stay in the competition.

First to perform was Rachel, who received a disappointing response from the judges for her rendition of Lost In Music. “It was just pretty average,” Louis said. “Everything I loved about you when I first saw you disappeared tonight,” Simon added.

And the had their doubts about Austin’s performance of Wishing On A Star, either. “The vocals were great, all I want you to do is just enjoy it,” Dannii told him.

“The song was absolutely stunning,” said Cheryl, “but you need to connect a bit more with the emotion of the words for me.”

Once again, however, there was plenty of praise for Diana, who dressed up in hotpants and legwarmers to sing Blondie‘s Call Me.

“The dance routine was one of the worst I’ve ever seen in my life,” Simon told her, “but you managed yet again to make a difficult genre of music work, I’m very impressed with you.”

However the biggest venom once again saved for Daniel, who sang Don’t Leave Me This Way. “I hated it,” Louis told him, “you are the perfect pub singer.”
“It was arguably one of the worst performances we have had on this show,” Simon added. “The whole thing was hideous.”

Things picked up with both Laura and Eoghan, both of whom wowed the judges. Dannii described Laura’s performance of Somebody Else’s Guy as “magnificent” while Louis raved about Eoghan’s version of Could It Be Magic. “Every mother in the land is going to vote for you,” he said.

There was also praise for Ruth, who sang the Barbra Streisand/Donna Summer duet Enough Is Enough. “I felt I was being dumped,” Simon said of her feisty performance. But Louis wasn’t so sure. “There are four other girls in this competition,” he said, “And I think they’re better.”

But there was plenty of enthusiasm for the last two acts of the evening, Alexandra – who sang Donna Summer‘s On The Radio – and JLS’ performance of Working My Way Back To You.

“That was great,” Dannii told Alexandra, while Simon described her as “the most improved performer over the past two weeks”.

Dannii also raved about JLS. “That song suited you so well,” she told the quartet – while Cheryl took things even further. “You are the best group we have ever had on The X Factor,” she declared.