The eleven remaining finalists in The X Factor have each performed a Michael Jackson song in a bid to stay in the competition.

First to perform this week was Alexandra – who took to the stage despite still suffering with a throat infection, to perform Jackson’s I’ll Be There.

Dannii described her performance as “faultless”, and Simon said she was “fantastic” but nonetheless exercised a note of caution.

“At the moment it’s all a little bit copycat, a bit predictable,” he warned her. “What you’ve got to work out next week is that you’ve got make you original.”

Next it was the turn of Scott Bruton, who performed She’s Out Of My Life – and won raves from the panel. Louis said he was “absolutely brilliant”, while Dannii described the song as a “winning performance”.

Ruth Lorenzo followed with her rendition of I Just Can’t Stop Loving You. “It was like a tiger unleashed,” said an enthusiastic Louis Walsh, but Simon wasn’t so sure.

“You sang the last part of that song very well – but you have this Latin thing going on, why strip that away from you?” he said. “It’s almost like taking away all the things we liked about you.”

Girlband performed next, although the judges weren’t too sure about their version of Heal The World. “You came out and gave it your all,” Cheryl told them encouragingly, but it was left to Simon to deliver the ultimate verdict.

“It was better than last week but so gimmicky,” Simon said. “I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had had polar bears come out!”

There was better news for Laura White, who sang You Are Not Alone. “You absolutely delivered, it was a very powerful performance,” Louis said. “The fact that you managed to make that song good is a miracle,” Simon added.

Meanwhile, Austin received mixed reviews for his acoustic, rocky rendition of Billie Jean. “That was another fantastic performance,” Dannii told him. “Your performance was outstanding,” Cheryl said, “but I hated the arrangement of the song.”

And they weren’t too sure about Daniel Evans’ performance of One Day In Your Life. “You are totally out of your comfort zone,” Louis said, while Simon said he was likely only to appeal to “anyone over the age of 60. My mum likes it,” he muttered as Dannii heaped praise upon her act.”

But it was better news for JLS and their rendition of The Way You Make Me Feel. “You had fun with it, you gave it personality,” Simon said. And he was equally keen on Diana Vickers’ rendition of Man In The Mirror. “I think you may be the one to beat,” he told her.

The penultimate act of the evening was Rachel, who chose to sing the Jackson track Dirty Diana and did so surrounded by motorbikes. It was a performance which divided the panel.

“It was a very brave song,” Louis said. Simon, on the other hand, was not impressed. “You are getting it wrong,” he said. “It was ghastly.”

Finally, Eoghan performed the ballad Ben, and was praised by Dannii for his “amazing performance,” while Louis cited his “Irish charm”.

“It’s only the second week,” he said, “but I think you’re going to be in the final.